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Matric Maths | WiZacademy

In 7 days, master everything that you’d need for your Maths Core Final Exams. Webinars, daily revision tasks, videos, notes & personal help – all in one easy and affordable package.

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Tricks4Trig | WiZacademy

Trig troubles? Well we've got Tricks4Trig to help you achieve an easy A.

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As students who have just been through high school, we know exactly what works and what doesn’t. We’re also in the best position to offer assistance to those who want to achieve well in highschool and succeed in tertiary education.

All of our educators at WiZedu are the best at what they do – whether it be having an A+ aggregate, or being top 1% in IEB or the top 10 in South Africa (DBE). Our team of high achievers know what it takes to reach the top, and can assist you to do the same! 

With our state-of-the-art learning system, you get to choose the speed at which you learn. Rewind, pause or speed us up as you please on our pre-recorded material. Our online webinars are also recorded and uploaded to our site for maximum flexibility.​

Waheed Amanjee
Top 10 in IEB Curro (2019) - 98% in Maths and IEB Commendable List
Represented SA at Turkey and Zambia Science Fairs

Waheed’s passions lie in research, design and STEM education. He loves spending his time making a mess in the kitchen and playing with his pet hedgehog.

Ashraf Moosa
Top 10 in NSC (2018) - 96.33% Average in Matric
#1 in Accounting Olympiad (2018)

Ashraf’s passions lie in mathematics, science and problem solving. Whenever he can, Ashraf is active by cycling, jogging, or just kicking a ball around with his friends.

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