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Frequently Asked Questions

WiZedu launched a free YouTube channel in April 2020 to help students affected by the COVID lockdown. We still have plans to continue development of our open source lessons, however we need to raise funds in order to purchase the necessary equipment and software to do so. Our premium content funds the development of our free offerings.

This is a tough one. As much as we love to help as many people as possible, we simply do not have sufficient time to help everyone. We will list available slots on the Booking function, and it’d be reserved on a first-come-first-served policy. If you urgently need to reach out, send us a message above or WhatsApp us.

We are always keen on adding more members to the WiZedu Volunteers Network who work on creating content for our free YouTube channel and/or free courses on

If you’re interested, please note that to apply to tutor/volunteer, you need to have at least an 90% in that subject. Send us a message above and we’d get back to you. 

We’re students too – we get that budgets are tight so this is the reason why that we’ve kept our prices as low as possible. We urge you to not share our content with others.

The WiZedu team has spent tireless weeks to create the content on this site. The funds that are raised from our affordable courses go towards creating a better learning environment for future learners. We cannot create free content without a sponsor, so we are forced to raise funds by charging for our content.

Everything on this site, unless branded with a Creative Commons license, is copyrighted content and cannot be shared anywhere. Should we find any of our content on any other platform (Google Drives, WhatsApp groups – we know how it goes) without our legal written consent,  please note that we’d be forced to take further action.

By pirating our content, you don’t hurt our pockets, but affect the many others who would benefit from our outreach initiatives and free educational resources that will be created as a result.

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